firewood storage tips

Firewood Storage Tips

Once your Wexford firewood has been delivered or after you collect your logs from us you will need to store it properly in order to get the best from it. It doesn’t matter whether its Oak hardwood or our softwood logs it still needs to be stored well so that it can retain its heat potential until its time to use it.

Here are the key points:

Inside or outside?

Its best to keep your wood in a garage, garden shed or other structure in Ireland. Unlike other colder countries where temperatures are lower during Winter, typically Ireland has mild damp humid Winters. Ideally this means your wood is best kept out of the weather inside. If you are storing the firewood outside then you will need to keep it sheltered out of the driving rain we get sometimes. Under the canopy of conifer trees can be an ideal place if sheltered. Cover it well but try using weighted corrugated roofing sheets if you have them instead of tarps or plastic. Ideally a purpose built firewood store is best if keeping the firewood outside taking into account the prevailing wind and shelter when siting it.

Keep your wood off the ground

Its very important to keep your wood off the ground even if its stored inside. This is absolutely vital if storing the wood outside. Damp is the enemy of good firewood. Moisture can even condense on the floor of your shed over Winter and Spring and get into your firewood logs. The simplest way to remedy this is to use a pallet or purpose built frame to keep the wood from resting on the ground.


Allowing plenty of air to move freely through the wood is key to maintaining a dry wood stack. This will help deter fungal growth occurring. Stacking the wood in spaced rows can be good if you are storing the wood for a longer time frame but may not be necessary when using straight away as long as the storage area is dry.

Tarps and plastic sheets

These are a quick fix for keeping the rain off your firewood. However they are not ideal because they restrict air movement and can also trap moisture beneath them. Corrugated sheeting is a much better option, well weighed down by concrete blocks or lengths of heavy timber if storing your firewood outside.

When stored properly most firewood will keep successfully for a couple of years before eventually decaying away over time. We don’t advise keeping wood for much longer because it can burn away very fast especially softwood. Some Hardwood species will to store longer because they are more dense but this isn’t always the case with all hardwoods. Sycamore and Alder being two woods that are best used in the season when you buy them. Hope you founf these firewood storage tips useful.

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