Sustainable Firewood Wexford

Sustainably produced seasoned firewood Wexford Softwood and Hardwood logs.
Local delivery available.

Ton Bags of Firewood Wexford

Ton bags of firewood for sale.

Sustainable Firewood Logs

Our firewood logs are sustainably produced from managed forest thinnings.
We do not fell any trees from hedgerows or the landscape to produce our logs.

Local Family Business

We are a small family run business in south Wexford producing small volumes of firewood logs and other sustainable forest products from our young growing forest.

Micro Forestry

We use micro forestry machinery to extract the timber where possible to minimise damage to tree roots and soil structure with minimal effect on the environment. No felling or other work takes place in the forest during nesting season.


The majority of the firewood logs we produce come from our own forest thinnings. A small amount can come from other local forests.
You should always ask suppliers where their logs are sourced.

We endavour to sell our logs under the 20% moisture threshold.

Yes if you have a trailer or van we prefer people to collect their logs. Some people also have boot space large enough to fit logs from a big bag.

We offer two delivery options by appointment.
Drop: This is where we leave the logs in your yard or driveway for you to store yourself. Space is required for access.
Deliver & Store: Here we deliver the logs and put them in your log store, garage or shed. Proper clear access is required and the storage area must be clear.

We charge for delivery. Delivery costs are calculated during the checkout process.

The forest has been planted with mixed species both native and non-native.

We grow two types of trees Broadleaf and Conifer species.
Broadleaves: Oak, Beech, Alder, Cherry, Birch, Hornbeam with some Ash growing natively.
Conifer species: Sitka Spruce, Larch, Scots Pine and a small amount of Western Red Cedar.

We sometimes have a small amount of Ash due to Ash dieback disease which is killing the native Ash growing here. These trees have to be removed sometimes because they become dangerous. Others are left for habitat.

No. “Ton bag” is just a general term used because the bag the firewood comes in has the capacity to carry one ton. You should never measure firewood by weight. Very heavy logs usually mean they have a high moisture content. So you are really buying water!
Hardwood is naturally heavier than softwood because its more dense.

In order to produce quality timber for building or furniture making the trees need to be thinned out periodically to leave room for the better trees to grow. This process generates some timber suitable for firewood. The best trees then grow on for a long time (up to 120 years or more for Oak). Timber used for building or furniture locks up CO2 for a long time even after the tree is eventually felled. By buying sustainably produced firewood you are supporting this process and an emerging local forest economy in Ireland.

Yes it does. However this CO2 was captured / sequestered by the tree in the past few years and is short term CO2. CO2 released when burning fossil fuels was dormant for millions of years until its used by people.

Short answer is yes, lots in both broadleaf and conifer areas.
We manage forest rides / clearings exclusively for wildlife espicially pollinators such as bees and butterflies. There is a wide selection of birds like Spotted Woodpeckers, Jays, Owls and there’s a huge bat population also. Mammals include Badgers, Pine Martens, Shrews, Hedgehogs, Stoats, Bank Voles…

Work is seasonal and periodic in nature and normally takes place in Winter.

No. No felling, extraction, pruning or thinning is done while there are nesting birds in the forest. Log processing is done in the Summer outside the forest.